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Position Malinska is situated in a wooded bay on the western side of the island of Krk with another twenty surrounding villages belongs to a territory known as Dubašnica. The Dubašnica bay has a wealth of both large and small coves and thanks to its geographical position; the area is protected against cold winds, with little rain and about 260 sunny days per year. The climate is mild, Mediterranean.

History The island of Krk bears the epithet of being the birthplace of Croatian literacy and culture thanks to its rich Glagolitic heritage. Thanks to the activities of the Glagolitic priests Dubašnica also contributed to this Glagolitic tradition. The majority of the cultural-historic monuments here are consecrated buildings with a building complex dating from the year 1480. The building complex consists of the church of St Mary Magdalene, a Franciscan monastery, a monastic monastery and a museum with rare exhibits including a collection of Glagolitic Lapidarium (stone monuments).


Malinska puts forward a number of concerts of both classical and traditional music which take place in the atrium of the Franciscan monastery and other locations throughout the year.

Besides the parish church of St. Apollinaris in Bogovići, we should also point out the church-gallery complex of St Nicholas in the centre of Malinska. The complex is new and during the summer is the centre of fine arts events.


The sea and sun can be enjoyed thanks to the clean sea water and numerous attractive beaches.

For years, the Blue flag, an international award, flutters over Rupa beach as a recognition of its quality and its excellent beach facilities.


Natural beauties, a pleasant and mild climate are important features of Malinska. These natural features influenced the beginning of the development of tourism.

Thanks to its lush vegetation and microclimate, Malinska is known for its curative and bathing potential.


Catering facilities in Malinska and the surrounding areas protect and develop the coastal-fishing tradition of the region through their gastronomic proposals by means of which every guest can experience and taste a part of Dubašnica's past.

The basic gastronomic offer of restaurants, taverns and hotels is based on seafood which in combination with "fruits of the earth" is part of the native cuisine of Dubašnica.



Totić Ljupko
Nikole Tesle 28, 51511 Malinska, island Krk, Croatia

m. +385/98/1791-376  (HR, D)
e. toticlj@gmail.com

We are situated in Malinska, a famous seaside resort on the island of Krk.

GPS coordinates
N 45 07.423, E 14 31.883

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